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Effective printing results rely on professional graphic design and file preparation.

Printline offers a fully qualified graphic design service which focuses on realising professional looking printing products. This means you can have your stationery, brochure or whatever you need created to a high standard incorporating your existing logo/branding, adhering to your company pantone colours & font guidelines.

If you don't have existing logo for your business and need to improve your brand recognition then we are here to help. From concept to finished product our experienced designers will work around what best represents your business or organization to create a solid brand.

As a complimentary service all completed artwork is stored and backed up by Printline for free, securing your artwork and eliminating client side loss of artwork stored on removable media.

Graphic Design Fee's are based on an hourly rate of $120 GST inclusive and charged in 1/4 hour blocks. Minimum fee is 30minutes

Contact us for professional guidance on your next project as the old addage "Rubbish in, rubbish out" certainly applies in the world of print


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Printline only uses FSC certified papers

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