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Trading Terms:

All work carried out by Printline is strictly on a non credit basis unless prior arrangements have been made for credit terms, or you have an existing credit account.

By ordering any product or service you are personally responsible for financial retribution to Printline, regardless of your awareness of the cost of the products or services ordered. Failure to do so will result in a debt collection agency’s pursuit of the outstanding amount on our behalf. Any extra charges incurred by the Debt collection service will be payable by the person responsible for debt in question.

Printline will honour quotes given that are within the 60day expiry period, however any job submitted after 60 days of the quote supplied will need to be re-quoted. Printline reserves the right not to proceed with any job that has been incorrectly quoted, whether by error of the estimator or by the incorrect details supplied by the client.

A deposit of 50% may be asked for jobs over $200 before the job is commenced. All claims in respect of any goods manufactured by Printline or services must be made within 4 days of receipt of goods. Any claim after such a date shall not be recoverable against Printline.

Printline accepts the following payments methods: cash, company cheques and all major credit cards other than Diners. EFTpos is available for transactions greater than $10. Printline does not provide cash out facilities for EFTpos transactions.

Printline does not charge surcharges on credit cards.

Credit Terms:

Credit Terms are only provided if,

a) You or your company has an existing credit account with Printline.

b) You or your company’s financial representative has completed and signed a Prinline Cedit Application Form and the financial department of Printline has accepted the application.

The legal credit terms are stipulated on the back of the Credit Application Form.

Graphic Artwork Terms:

Graphic artwork / print production approval.

Your confirmation of a proof or proofs as correct, be it verbal, email or otherwise constitutes your acceptance of the artwork to go to press. Printline will not be held responsible if errors are not picked up whilst checking your proof, regardless of what caused the error to occur. Check all artwork proofs very carefully - especially phone numbers, addresses, prices and spelling of trade specific terms and foreign languages.

Alterations and tidy up’s

Printline’s graphic artwork estimates and charges include one set of minor alterations, at the worst two sets. Please make every effort to make all alterations in one sitting, and consult all parties who need to see and comment on the artwork at the one time.

Minor alterations requested after the first proof are part of our standard hourly rate. Further alterations requested after the second proof, be it minor or major will be charged at $120GST inclusive per hour without exception (charged in 1/4 hour blocks).

Copyright of graphic artwork

All ownership of title and intellectual property on all artwork created by Printline remains the property of Printline until payment is received for the artwork in question. Within reason Printline reserves the right to re-use artwork elements that are of a non client specific nature. Copyright for all non client specific artwork and artwork elements (eg textured backgrounds and patterns) remains the property of Printline. Printline will refrain from re-using logos, staff photographs and other artwork specifically identifiable as pertaining to one particular company.

Graphic artwork proofs

Colours in the proofs we issue (PDF or otherwise) are a close representation only.

PDF: Unless your computer screen is profiled (colour calibrated) by a technician it will not accurately depict colours. The same is true if you print our PDF proofs to your inkjet printer, inkjet printers usually print richer and darker and are generally not Pantone calibrated. Outputs from these devices are misleading and are not recommended.

Hardcopy Laser Proofs: Printline can also provide you with a hardcopy proof at your own cost of $10 per A3 sheet. This is the most accurate process colour proof Printline provides, however colour accuracy of the proof will depend on what output device is used in the final print production. Unless the print production is performed on a digital print engine, the proof may only be 90~% accurate compared with the output of an off-set press or a large format Inkjet printer for example. In short, they all have their own colour characteristics due to the different print methods.

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